A Detached Day

Free of all limitations, the ROY ROBSON 2019 spring/summer collection shows that it’s time to break out of your comfort zone. The future is now. Stripping away outdated concepts, a new collection has come together that meets the demand for visual and technological innovation, offering the possibility to create multi-layered combinations. Our looks for spring/summer 2019 emanate a sense of courage and pioneering spirit.

Logical detailed solutions from the fields of work and sportswear permeate the 2019 spring/summer collection. Patch pockets, striking outer materials, denim and nylon and rubber elements create a feeling of urbane freedom. Overshirts and shirt jackets invite the wearer to come up with new combinations. Casual suit options, whether paired with a T-shirt or sweatshirt in an eye-popping colour, revitalise the formal look. Trouser cuts and silhouettes follow the trends set by workwear. Wider legs and shorter hems are the result.