An extensive collection of fashionable accessories rounds off the overall ROY ROBSON look and ensures a perfectly accessorised outfit. Carefully selected materials in modern designs are showcased by bags, shoes and socks, belts, ties, pocket squares, scarves and hats in a broad range of colours and styles. Whether you opt for business or casual, our accessories will ensure the perfect finishing touch for your look in your very own style.



A key component of the ROY ROBSON business look, the tie has been colour-coordinated with our shirts and suits for the 2019 spring/summer collection. As a fashionable styling accessory, the knitted tie made from the finest linen yarns is an essential element in the look. Modern styles and colours inspire people to set a new trend. The tie designs of the ROY ROBSON 2019 spring/summer collection also draw on and subtly incorporate the “detached” collection theme. Adjusted to the cut of that latest suit and sports jacket silhouettes, slimmer tie designs from 5.5 to 7.5 cm are starting to take centre stage. Fine silks and linens from Como, Italy, are used for a majority of the designs. The ROY ROBSON tie collection features minimalist designs in a variety of colour sets in various patterns as well as in solid colours and colour combinations.

Pocket squares, on which ROY ROBSON places a particular focus in the 2019 spring/summer collection, represent a wonderful opportunity to flaunt the “detached” collection theme in a variety of ways. Casually elegant or traditionally folded, as a complement to the tie or as a masculine decorative element for outfits without a tie, pocket squares offer lots of opportunities to make a unique statement. There’s an extensive range of graphic prints and elements, silk paisleys and linen prints for unique colourful highlights in the ROY ROBSON 2019 spring/summer collection.


Inspired by the “detached” theme, the designs of the ROY ROBSON scarf collection bring the 2019 spring/summer collection to life. At the same time, the scarves represent the combination of the highest-quality fabrics with a contemporary design. The focus is on summery scarves made from linen, viscose and wool. Light scarves featuring subtle jacquard designs are absolutely essential in spring/summer 2019. Minimalist designs and summery variations on horizontal stripes are the leading weaves of the season.


Baseball caps in washed cotton or denim are real eye-catchers in the 2019 spring/summer collection. Flat caps and hats are easily integrated into smart summer looks. Light, cool linen and cotton fabrics combine a retro look with functionality.


The ROY ROBSON range of belts underlines the colourful statement of the look and is meticulously coordinated with the style and overall appearance of the collections. It draws on the same colours and designs as the footwear collection, resulting in perfectly coordinated shoes and belts. A large NOS programme of belts to match the suits is based on the styles of the footwear collection.


As an extension of the ROY ROBSON knitwear line, our range of socks was inspired by the current zeitgeist and the “detached” collection in terms of colour and style. In addition to a strong range of NOS sock styles, the fashion styles present modern designs, fine stripes, jacquards and innovative textures. Masculine designs from the ROY ROBSON 2019 spring/summer collection are also reflected in our sock styles.