Traditional tailoring, a modern look and innovative vision. Product expertise and the highest quality standards. As an international premium menswear label, ROY ROBSON has stood for pin-sharp tailoring and a perfect fit from our own manufacturing, along with the highest-quality service and sustainability, since the company was founded in 1922. From formalwear to smart casual, the ROY ROBSON looks represent an entire attitude to life. The range of products, characterised by modern tailoring and smart officewear, goes far beyond the classic suit.

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Company history

It was in Berlin, the fashion city of today, where the history of ROY ROBSON started. It is a history that has a lot to do with workmanship and the love of fabrics and cuts. In 1922 a small tailoring business for formal dress was founded in the German capital. By 1930 there were already 30 employees contributing to the company’s success; the headquarters had to be moved in 1944 because of the disruption caused by the war. With the intention of moving lock, stock and barrel to Hamburg, on the way they found themselves ideal areas and infrastructure for the company’s new start before the gates of the Hanseatic City of Lüneburg. The then proprietor, Bruno Kirches, extended the headquarters in Lüneburg in the subsequent years and also built a factory in Dannenberg on the Elbe. “Made in Germany” was the motto that made the Bruno Kirches Herrenkleiderwerke into one of the most important specialist factories for suits and jackets in Western Europe.


Traditional workmanship combined with state-of-the-art production technology and the expertise to manufacture these products are what made the company strong. In 1970, ownership of the company transferred to the Westermann family. As part of internationalisation, the name ROY ROBSON was registered as a brand name and company name in 1987. The collection was gradually expanded with further product groups such as shirts, ties, trousers, knitwear, jersey, coats and outdoor jackets, and ROY ROBSON grew into a full-range supplier. Socks, belts, glasses, shoes, bags and small leather accessories are now also available under the ROY ROBSON label.

Today, with an export rate of more than 50 percent, ROY ROBSON is represented in 45 markets. With the production site in Izmir, founded in 2008 and managed by the company, ROY ROBSON is keeping its manufacturing expertise in the company.



The rope knot symbolises the corporate values of authenticity, solidarity and the joining of tradition and modernity. It winds its way through the collection as a symbol for the brand. The combination of quality with high fashion with a timeless signature style, are what characterise the brand.

Corporate values


ROY ROBSON fashion stands for an authentic style. It underlines the personality of the wearer and conveys an air of natural casualness. Authenticity also characterises the company’s actions. These include reliability in business relationships, honesty in dealing with each other, and the ambitious aim of ensuring quality in work at all levels.


ROY ROBSON is a family firm. This characterises the company’s values and philosophy.

The dedication and the work of employees who have helped to shape the company’s path over many years are its most precious asset. Cohesion means joint commitment to the further development of ROY ROBSON and the combination of creativity, communication, identification, and integrity.

Tradition & Modernity

Since 1922 customers have trusted in the expertise of ROY ROBSON. The company has developed from a Berlin menswear manufacturer to an international premium menswear label with a complete range. The decisive factor here was preserving the right traditions while taking up new influences. It is precisely this interaction that accounts for the special style of ROY ROBSON.


As a northern German family company, ROY ROBSON stands for sustainable economic activity and social responsibility in all areas of the company.

Social standards

The orientation to ethical principles is not merely a duty at ROY ROBSON; it is a matter of course. As an employer, the company guarantees to maintain high labour law and social standards in production and as a control body in partner operations. With its diverse commitment to social projects regionally and nationally, ROY ROBSON also meets its social and cultural responsibility as a company.

ROY ROBSON produces almost 90% of its products in Europe (Turkey, Bulgaria, Romania, Macedonia and Portugal). In these European countries of origin, production conditions are governed by rules and regulations. Minimum wage levels and age limits, for example, are holiday entitlements and break and overtime policies. Local employment and social welfare authorities ensure compliance with these rules and regulations. What’s more, ROY ROBSON carries out several unannounced supplier audits a year.

The company’s own production facility in the Turkish city of Izmir, where ROY ROBSON manufacturers around 75% of its suits and sports jackets, was built in accordance with the highest safety standards. ROY ROBSON operates a one-shift system, transports employees to the site, provides them with one warm, healthy meal a day and pays bonuses in addition to the basic wage.

ROY ROBSON produces just 10% of its goods at factories in Asia (primarily China) - a figure that is going down rather than up. Here too, ROY ROBSON places great importance on sustainable and fair production, working on a long-term basis with factories that are inspected by the company’s own employees.

Ecological responsibility

As a manufacturing company, ROY ROBSON has high ecological responsibility. Sensitivity in dealing with raw materials and resources characterise the company’s actions and strategic decisions. For example, around 85 per cent of the outer fabrics and materials are purchased in Europe and in Turkey, thus avoiding long transport routes. When delivering articles from partner operations, CO2 emissions are kept as low as possible with optimum container utilisations. ROY ROBSON demands testimonials from its suppliers to the effect that no harmful azo dyes are used in the products and the company also conducts its own regular tests. Practically all of the raw materials come from suppliers with Oeko-Tex certification.

Quality assurance

ROY ROBSON collections offer premium menswear from formal to smart casual that is developed at the company’s headquarters in Lüneburg. The range of products, characterised by modern tailoring and smart officewear, goes far beyond the classic suit. The Product Management and Model departments pay attention to quality in procurement, workmanship, and the fit. Only high-quality fabrics from selected, respected weavers are used for production. ROY ROBSON employees in the company’s own production site guarantee compliance with quality standards in the manufacture of suits and jackets. The experience and expertise from nearly 90 years of corporate history can be bundled together here in the production of high-quality business and leisure fashion. Jackets in particular, which are made up of 150 individual pieces in 230 work stages, require experience, expertise, and skill in manufacture.

Even in the selection of more production operations and licence partners, ROY ROBSON pays attention to adherence with standards in order to ensure consistently high quality in all product groups. As a member of the German Textile + Fashion Industry Confederation, ROY ROBSON GmbH & Co. KG undertakes to comply with the confederation’s t+m Code of Conduct.

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Acting in partnership

Solidarity with employees, with business partners, and with our customers - that is what the family company ROY ROBSON stands for. Dialogue is always encouraged through close personal contact, training courses and joint advertising campaigns with on- and offline activities.

In sales, the company supports customers with flexible shop concepts, visual merchandising, advertising materials, and sales promotions. ROY ROBSON sets store by long-term partnerships and responsible dealings in all business relationships with suppliers and customers. This principle shapes corporate action from the raw materials to the end consumer.


  • More than
    years of experience
  • More than
  • In-house production facilities measuring
    20,000 m2
  • A ROY ROBSON sports jacket is made up of
    about 150
    individual parts
  • Around 230
    individual steps are required to produce a single ROY ROBSON sports jacket
  • 90 %
    of the materials are sourced in Europe and Turkey
  • ROY ROBSON products are sold on an area equivalent to just under
    football pitches
  • Low
    emissions in production chain