Mix & Match

Features and benefits

Determine your own, individual look. Items can be combined with versatility. Perfect fit, thanks to a wide range of sizes and two different silhouettes: regular fit and slim fit. Option to buy more of your favourites later. All this defines the separates available in the ROY ROBSON NOS Freestyle Range. This enables customers to put together their own perfectly fitting suit, featuring the ideal shape, silhouette and style.

The advantages of the ROY ROBSON NOS freestyle range:

  1. Broad range of jacket and trouser sizes
  2. Perfect fit
  3. Clear structure into two silhouettes - regular fit and slim fit
  4. Exceptional comfort, thanks to the use of high-quality fabrics from internationally renowned weaving mills
  5. Guaranteed colour consistency
  6. Harmonious overall look thanks to a perfectly matched NOS system
  7. Ability to buy more of your favourites later, e.g. if you want a second pair of trousers, or in the case of wear or loss, or if you want a different size.